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Disney day 5: The day I was allergic to bugs!

Happy FRIDAY everyone!! I am very excited the weekend is near! 🙂

Today I am sharing all about our fifth day in Disney! I am calling this one: The day I was allergic to bugs!

The day started with a Supercalifragilistic Breakfast Buffet at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian! We had so much fun with Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and the Mad Hatter.

Tigger wanted to steal me away from Michael and keep me all to himself…

Mary Poppins was such a doll…img_0514

Alice in Wonderland was so very sweet, but seemed to have sipped too much tea….


The Mad Hatter was was screaming at Alice throughout the whole entire restaurant, and had us laughing the entire time…they put on a HILARIOUS show!!img_0546

In between the fun with the characters, we ate some good FOOD!!!! I filled my plate with their delicious and beautiful fruit (a number of times) and asked the chef behind the buffet station for VEGAN MICKEY WAFFLES!!! When the chef came out and brought this beautiful Mickey waffle plate to our table, I was drooling. They were so yummy and tasted very similar to their regular Mickey waffles…just not as dense. (Better, in my opinion) Mmmmmm!! Take me back!!

When we were done breakfast, it was time to meet with Pooh!! We took pictures with him and gave him great big hugs!

Once we were done, we wandered upstairs in the Grand Floridian to take the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, but not before stopping in Ivy Trellis Salon to get PIXIE DUSTED!!!! I was squeaking with excitement and just so excited the hair dresser in there was so sweet enough to glitter me up!

Off to the Magic Kingdom we went…..with LOTS and LOTS of pixie dust all over me!! (I felt like Tink)


We met up with my sister, brother in law, and nephews. Wandered into the Emporium, watched Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, went on Buzz, and took lots of pictures!

But, after that, I noticed the bug bites on my legs were starting to get scary big. One on my left leg was about as big as my knee….and getting bigger. I was clearly having an allergic reaction to whatever bug decided to attack me the night before!! So, a stop at First Aid was mandatory. That walk over to first aid was rough; my mind was going crazy and I was panicking because I didn’t want to have to go to the hospital or anything. I was driving myself into an anxiety attack and was not feeling well because of it. I kept playing all of these scenarios in my head and was thinking like omg…what if I need an IV or something ah! My fear of needles is strong, people! But, once getting to First Aid they gave me some ibuprofen to take and some Benadryl cream to put directly on my bug bites.img_0646

We stopped in Starbucks to get an Unsweetened Strawberry Iced Green Tea to take with the ibuprofen to get this huge bug bite to go down a bit!img_0649

Starbucks is always better in Disney World!!!

Once my mind was a little more at ease, we met back up with my sister, brother in law, and nephews and went back to enjoying our day in the park!

A day in the Magic Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without taking pictures in front of Pirates of the Caribbean and getting a Dole Whip float! YUM!! I got a fresh pineapple slice  to much on and OMG! I have never in my life tasted such juicy, sweet, and delicious pineapple in all of my 27 years of living. YUMM-O!!!!!!

 Since our car was parked at the Grand Floridian, before leaving, we wandered into the Wedding Pavilion in hopes the doors would be unlocked, and to our surprise…IT WAS!!! 🙂 The remodel is absolutely gorgeous, they have made it even dreamier than before!!

I always get butterflies in my tummy and tears in my eyes whenever I walk in there.


Before heading back to our resort to shower up before going back out in the heat, we stopped at Walgreens to get some cream to put on my legs, and I wanted to be seen at the clinic there but stupid me, I forgot that my insurance card was back at our room. So, I prayed it wouldn’t get any bigger and just went back to our room. But, since we didn’t know what was going on with these bug bites Michael actually checked our rooms for any gross bed bugs….thankfully, there were none! Could you imagine the horror?!?! OMG! That would be disgusting!!

Anyways, we went to the Boardwalk to park our car and take the boat over to Hollywood Studios. (I still call that park MGM…anyone else?!?) We walked around, met up with some of my Disbride friends!! Met BB8, because he is cute and there was no line at all (which is crazy, if you ask me!)20258054_10154915790602831_7245084013142654291_n

Dinner that night was at 50’s Prime Time Cafe, which is my favorite in Hollywood Studios. Honestly, it takes me back to my Grammy and Grampy’s house and just makes me feel at home. I absolutely love the decor in there, and the way it looks like you have really stepped back into the 50’s. Keep your elbows off the table and eat your vegetables, kids!!

Once dinner was over the park was closing, so we hopped on the boat back over to the Boardwalk. It was such a beautiful night! We enjoyed walking around and taking in every second of the beauty before heading back to our room.

Stay tuned for more, loves! 🙂

*Once again, our shirts (which we got so many compliments on) were made by the sweet and talented Rebeka at Southern Belle Creations made by Beka

Have a GREAT Friday and a wonderful weekend!! Xoxo

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