Our fourth day in the Bahamas: Our Last Day in Paradise

Hello! Happy Saturday! I know I normally don't blog on the weekends, but this post was totally supposed to be published yesterday, but since I had a very terrible, unexpected headache all day yesterday, I didn't get around to it, but here I am today! I hope you are having such a great weekend! I'm bringing [...]

Our third day in the Bahamas: Vegan dinner fail and a night out to Baha Mar!

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday! Hump day is finally here, thank God! This week feels like it has been the longest week ever. Shouldn't it be Friday already?! I meant for this post to publish yesterday, but when I opened up WordPress on my laptop to upload pictures and then finally publish, the website wouldn't load. [...]

Our Second Day in the Bahamas: Dining at the same restaurant all day & The night I saw my first shooting star!

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Friday to you! Guess what?!?! The weekend is here!!! I'm so happy...this week felt like the longest week ever. I mean, I guess every week after a vacation feels like it, but to tell you the truth it really feels like we didn't even go on vacation. Was that just [...]

Our first night in the Bahamas: Dinner, and relaxing under the stars

Good morning! Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week! I must admit, I am totally dragging this week. I didn't even want to get up yesterday morning, and only woke up (after waking up several times and going back to sleep) at 7:15. OH MY GOSH! And to top that off, I [...]