My Top 5 Must Watch Christmas Movies (Thinking Out Loud #24)

Hey hey!!! Happy Thursday! How's everyone doing today?! I meant to pop in yesterday with a post, but I was really not feelin' that great due to this flu. I've been getting lots of rest and watching lots of Christmas movies this whole week. In the mix of things, we've also been searching for a [...]

Being Thankful in November (Thinking Out Loud #22)

Hi friends! Happy Thursday!  Ugh, is this the longest week ever or what?!? I thought yesterday was Thursday and today was Friday....nooo such luck with that one though! I am linking this post up with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party!! 1. Since we are in November, and Thanksgiving is creeping [...]

It’s the little things in life (Thinking Out Loud #20)

Hi lovelies! Happy Thursday to you! Something weird just happened to my little blog space, I have NO idea what happened to my post from last Thursday? I know I had posted one, but now it is no where to be found. Hmmmm. Maybe there are some internet fairies deleting things when I am not [...]